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About Us

About Us

At Falcon Migration, we handle various visa requirements every day. We know exactly how we can assist you to achieve what you want. Our aim is on helping you succeed and making things easier for you.

Our extensive network of approachable and friendly experts will guide you to obtain all form of visas and help you to settle and seamlessly intergrade in Australia.

Our Experts

Australian Immigration laws and regulations change constantly and migration process is complex. Our migration agents and education agents are registered in Australia. Hence, Falcon Migration’s consultants are updated with revised laws and regulations. This ensure our clients to get the correct advice from Falcon Migration and will have no your visa application being rejected or delayed.

We're Here to Assist

We assist you to turn your plan to migrate to Australia into a reality from day one until you settle in Australia. Our process is transparent and we can guide you step by step until you reach your dream destination.

Personalized Service

Our staff will provide you a personalized service and our dedicated staff in Sri Lanka and Australia will assist you to find your best possible migration options.

Free of Charge

Our initial assessment is free of charge. During this assessment, we help you to navigate the complexities and find the best migration option.

You Are Not Alone

Falcon Migration has their network around Australia and Sri Lanka. We help you to blend in to the Australian culture and the society. Our representatives will always be there for you in every step of your way to ensure you are well settled and integrated to the society.