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Why Thailand

Why Thailand

Value for money

Your cost of study in Thailand is much lower, starting at USD 6.250/€ 5.290 for a full Bachelor degree program, at USD 3.005/€ 2.543 for a Master, and at USD 7.029/€ 5.950 for a full Doctorate degree program.

To make the point clear: For us, who live in Thailand (lecturers and students alike, Thais and foreigners alike), the prices for a university degree program in many western countries just look crazy. Quality education is a basic human right, not a piece of luxury that one should buy for many thousand dollars a credit.

Cost of living

The cost of living in a western country may well be higher than the combined cost of living and study in Thailand. A standard student room cost around USD 150/€ 127 per month plus cost of electricity and water. For that, you have one room plus your own bathroom, all usually equipped with high-speed Internet and cable TV.

Thai universities

Offering a degree that is well-recognised globally, Malay- sian universities rank in the world’s top universities.

Thai government’s goal is to put Thai universities at the forefront of science and technology, likely a result of the country’s strong economy and the modern advances it is experiencing, and will continue to experience. International students who study in Thailand can take advantage of the fantastic education available there.


Thailand is not all modernity, however. It is an eclectic blend of ancient and modern culture. In the cities, international businesses stand side by side with Buddhist temples and outdoor markets. Thailand exists as a dichotomy between its past and present, and each balances the other out perfectly, providing diversity and opportunity. Thailand is perfect for international students interested in history, as well as those with more modern tastes.

Nature, Food and Weather

Thailand has some of the most breathtaking views in the world. From tropical beaches to picturesque mountains, Thailand has something for everyone.
Thai food is delicious, varied, and usually very cheap. It is also, generally speaking, healthier than what many international students are used to eating at home, with lots of tropical fruit.

Thailand’s weather is generally pleasant year round. It is tropical, and generally experiences six months or more of blue skies during the dry season. This makes it a popular destination for students studying abroad during the winter.