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Northern Territory

Northern Territory

At the top end of Australia lies the Northern Territory (NT), home to capital city, Darwin. The NT takes ‘the outback’ to a whole new level with some of the country’s premier national parks – Kakadu National Park, King’s Canyon, and Litchfield National Park – though, there’s perhaps nowhere as iconic as the phenomenal Uluru. The Northern Territory is a must-do for those wishing to see quintessential Australia – sublime landscapes, emblematic wildlife and authentic Aboriginal culture.

The Northern Territory is vast and incredible, from the mighty monolith of Uluru and the desert town of Alice Springs to the coastal capital of Darwin and its neighbouring islands. Offering truly unforgettable travel experiences, you’re sure to leave the Northern Territory a little different than you came.

Average temperatures range from 12–27°C (54–81°F). Winter: (June–August). The average temperature range is 3–20°C (37–68°F). Temperatures can drop below freezing overnight in winter, sometimes leaving a thick frost on the ground like a carpet of snow.

The Territory’s estimated resident population is 249,345 persons as of December 2021.

Top things to do

  • Experience the magnificence of Uluru and Kata Tjuta
  • Explore the coastal oasis of Darwin
  • Visit striking national parks including Kakadu and Litchfield