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August 30, 2022

NVQ qualification and Australian migration

The National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) Framework is a seven level qualification framework in Sri Lanka. A Qualification is generally a package of competency units to suit requirements in a particular position in the labour market. The following details will be valuable mainly for those who completed their course in Sri Lanka.

The criteria for giving levels to qualifications are based on three parameters.

  1. a) Complexity of the process that a qualification holder will carry out
  2. b) Learning demand (difficulty in learning of those processes)
  3. c) Responsibility of the job holder when relevant processes are carried out
NVQ LevelQualification CategoryDescription
Level  1National CertificateRecognizes the acquisition of a core of entry level competencies
Level  2
Level 3 Level  4
National CertificateRecognizes increasing levels of competencies. Level 4 qualification provides for full national craftsmanship.
Level 5
Level  6
National DiplomaHigher National DiplomaRecognizes increasing level of competencies  ranging from technician level to management level
Level 7Bachelor’s Degree  or equivalentThis level includes planning , re-sourcing & management process

For the purposes of Australian migration, the relevant trade should be recognized as an NVQ Level 5 or higher qualification. The NVQ courses and their levels can be accessed through the following link https://nvq.gov.lk/Insreg_Home/Insreg_Institute_Select_Search_NVQ_Course.php

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